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New Consumer Mental Health Advocacy Council Being Formed

Do you receive mental health services from the VA?  Do you wish it was easier to connect with services? Do you like making a difference?
A new Veteran’s Mental Health Advocacy Council is being formed for advocacy, education, outreach, and empowerment. The council includes veteran consumers, families, and allies along with Veterans Service Organizations, community partners, and Roseburg VA Health Care System Staff.
The Council will be run by and for veterans assisted by a VA staff liaison.  The Council will be focused on solutions to gaps, problems, and issues that are identified.  The Council will operate with a commitment to collaboration to improve services and access to services to all veterans.
If you are interested in being a founding member, the final organizational meeting will be held on January 7 from 11-12:30 at RVAHCS, Building 2, Room B101. Anyone using, or qualifying, for VA Mental Health Services and family members are urged to become involved. For more information contact jessica.lloyd.rogers@gmail.com or keith.lewis2@va.gov.



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