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No Point Man Ministries Veterans’ Banquet this Year – still a presence at Pony Village Mall

Point Man Ministries Outpost 101 will be at the Pony Village Mall from October 8 to October 11.  While circumstances made it impossible to have a Veterans’ Banquet this year, volunteers will be there.  Just look for the 1967 Navy Ambulance in the SE entrance (where the bakery is).
Volunteers will be selling raffle tickets for a rifle (Model 92, lever action, octagon barrel, .32 caliber rimfire) at $10 per ticket. Their goal is to sell 500 tickets.  Also being raffled is a donated nearly new (only used a couple of times) Husqvarna 28″ bar chainsaw. Those tickets are $5 each.   Raffle money is earmarked for improvements to the David Dewett Veterans’ Memorial Wayside.  In the works is a Gold Star memorial, a Soldier’s Cross, and an irrigation system for the lawn.
The ambulance was used in Vietnam and is often used in parades and at the Fair.  Ron Van Vlack said the group received it as a donation.  “It was in bad repair,” said Van Vlack.  “We spent a lot of hours fixing it up and repainting it.”
Point Man Ministries Outpost 101 has an office on the second floor of Pony Village Mall, next to the SOVO office in Room 212.

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